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HEATDOC™ Heating Oil Fuel Conditioner

The future is now with a worry-free health care plan for your home heating needs with Densmore Oil! We treat our Bioheat Plus® fuel oil with a premium fuel additive, HEATDOC™ to help your heating equipment run more efficiently. Heating oil treated with HEATDOC™ is the better, safer, and cleaner home heating oil at no additional cost to you! We use HEATDOC™ because we care about our customers, their families, and the comfort and safety of their homes: that’s the Densmore difference.

Better, Safer, and Cleaner Home Heating Oil

Just like you, Bioheat Plus® fuel systems perform better and last longer when they’re cared for properly. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to do it. Densmore’s HEATDOC™ is a proprietary fuel conditioner that constantly cares for your Bioheat Plus® fuel by making sure your fuel is in tip-top shape. Densmore Oil is pleased to offer this premium heating fuel to our customers at no additional cost.

With a unique balance of three stabilizers, HEATDOC™ not only keeps today’s fuel fresh but will also care for the latest blends of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and biodiesel, keeping your fuel healthy today and into the future. It cleans your heating system by reducing sediment buildup that may already be in your tank, pipes, filters, and nozzle.  HEATDOC™ also inhibits corrosion and rust in your tank and fuel lines. The result is healthier fuel and a heating system that runs more effectively while improving equipment life expectancy. HEATDOC™ is always on call keeping your home heat-healthy!

HEATDOC™ Is Always on Call

Cleaner fuel, better storage integrity, and improved component protection all make a world of difference in the operation of heating equipment. What does all that really mean? Peace of mind.

You’ll know your heating system is healthy and running at maximum efficiency with less likelihood of a breakdown. Here’s how HEATDOC™ addresses four critical areas in your heating system:

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Oil Tank Conditioner Before Vs. After

How It Works

  • Untreated fuel produces unwanted sediment that when stirred during refill can enter into system components. HEATDOC™ reduces sediment into microparticles that flow completely through your heating system to a complete burn while improving efficiency.
  • Sediment buildup in the tank filter can stop the flow of fuel completely or allow sediment particles further into the system. As HEATDOC™ reduces particle size and stabilizes the fuel, it eliminates clogging and ensures no inconvenient emergency service calls.
  • Untreated fuel can also react with metal parts causing corrosion and oxidation which can stop fuel flow or reduce efficiency. HEATDOC™ stops the reaction and eliminates the corrosion of metal parts.
  • Sediment can eventually reach the burner nozzle, reducing burn efficiency or shutting off the heat completely. HEATDOC™ eliminates nozzle plugging, maintaining maximum burn rate and improved equipment efficiency.

Contact Densmore Oil to order heating fuel treated with HEATDOC™ today! Your heating system will thank you.