Reliable Fuel Delivery in CT & RI

When it comes to selecting a heating fuel delivery provider in the Southeastern Connecticut and Southwestern Rhode Island area, there are a variety of options to choose from. However, if you’re interested in partnering with the most reliable and experienced company in the area, then you’ve come to the right place. Densmore Oil Company has been a top-tier choice since 1949 and exceeds the expectations of local homeowners with outstanding fuel delivery and home comfort services.


Bioheat® Fuel

For all of our oil heat customers, we are a proud supplier of Bioheat® fuel to residents and businesses in the Southeastern Connecticut and Southwestern Rhode Island area. In addition, all of the fuel we deliver is a low-carbon blend of Bioheat Plus® fuel. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ve included a few facts about Bioheat® fuel and how it’s a greener heating fuel that can help to save money, enhance your home’s value, and protect our environment.


Diesel Fuel

We provide on-road and off-road fuel for our Southeastern Connecticut and Southwestern Rhode Island customers. With competitive pricing and on-site delivery, where else is there to go for your diesel fuel? We can’t think of anywhere better than Densmore!


Our Fuel Additive

We are looking toward the future by offering Bioheat® Plus fuel with a premium fuel additive known as HEATDOC™. We are proud to offer our clients with additive that’s going to keep their equipment running smoothly, as well as providing a better, safer, and much cleaner option when it comes to heating your home. Even better, there’s no additional cost!


Why Choose Bioheat® Fuel?

We are proud to offer our customers Bioheat® fuel as it offers lower-carbon fuel use at your property, lowers carbon emissions, increases the efficiency of your heating system, improves the lifespan of your equipment, and so much more. If you’re interested, click below to learn more about how Bioheat® fuel can further benefit your home.


Storage & Supply

Densmore is reliable because our fuel supply is easily accessible and deliverable when needed. Owning and operating our own fuel storage facility gives our experts the opportunity to service the Southeastern Connecticut and Southwestern Rhode Island area with prompt and trustworthy service. At Densmore, we pride ourselves on being able to make your home more comfortable when you need it the most.


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