Professional Diesel Delivery in CT & RI

Densmore Oil Company is excited to provide diesel fuel to all of our residential and commercial customers. If you’re looking to power anything from your work truck to off-road equipment, we’re here to supply premium diesel fuel for all of your needs.

On-Road Diesel

When you order on-road diesel from Densmore, you can trust that you’re receiving clean, uncontaminated, and ultra-low sulfur diesel. Whether the size of your fleet is large or small, you won’t have to worry as our fuel is guaranteed to get you where you need to go. If it’s for your diesel truck, four-wheeler, or commercial equipment, you can believe that we are going to provide you with only the top quality on-road diesel fuel.

Off-Road Diesel

Off-road equipment needs to be reliable—after all, you depend on it for important equipment like tractors, generators, and more. Our team of dedicated fuel delivery fleet carries only clean, uncontaminated diesel to keep your equipment safe and efficient. When you choose Densmore for your company’s off-road diesel delivery needs, you can always count on us for on-time deliveries and fair pricing.

Reliability & Availability

We supply clean and high-quality diesel fuel for on-road vehicles used for commercial and personal transportation. If you need diesel fuel for your on-road motor vehicles, contact us to learn more. If you’re looking for diesel delivery to power your off-road equipment, we can take care of that, too! Our off-road diesel fuel has what it takes to support efficient equipment performance. Reach out to learn more and request off-road diesel delivery service. 

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