The True Value of Densmore’s Full Service

Discount fuel providers seem interesting at first, due to their low oil prices. But did you know that you’ll get better overall value with a full-service company like Densmore Oil Company? When you do business with a full-service energy provider, you can count on a one-stop shop for your complete home comfort needs. Unlike discount fuel or delivery-only companies, full-service energy providers offer all of the following, while you still benefit from competitive pricing.



Compare the Difference Densmore Oil Company Discounter
Heating Oil Delivery
Unmatched Customer Service
Trained & Licensed Service Technicians
24/7 Emergency Service
Heating & A/C Installations
Heating & A/C Tune-Ups & Repairs
Oil Tank Protection Service Plans
Premium ULS Bioheat with Additive
Live-Person Customer Service
Bulk Heating Oil Storage Facility
Online Account Services
Monthly Fuel Payment Plans
Price-Cap Fuel Payment Options
Military & Veterans Discount
70 Years of Experience



Full-Service, All under One Roof

When you choose a local full-service home comfort provider like Densmore Oil Company, you know that you only need to make one phone call whether you need heating system repair, equipment installations, air conditioning service, or heating oil delivery—and you don’t even need to call for delivery service! We offer convenient automatic heating oil delivery.

You also have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting expert, reliable service for all your home comfort needs, along with 24/7 emergency heating service. No discount oil provider can offer that level of commitment to their customers.