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Bioheat® Fuel Delivery Plans

We at Densmore offer affordable Bioheat® fuel, a blend of heating oil and biodiesel, and reliable fuel delivery to homes in our Eastern Connecticut and Southwestern Rhode Island community, including Colchester and Mystic, CT as well as Westerly and Hopkinton, RI. The fuel we deliver is ultra-low sulfur heating oil which contains no more than 15 ppm of sulfur content; this is drastically less sulfur content than standard home heating oil which means it is safer for your home and our environment, and it is also cleaner than natural gas.

Keeping your home and family safe and warm each heating season is our top priority. Services like automatic fuel delivery, budget plans, and fuel pricing plans can help to manage your fuel costs each year. Learn why Densmore Oil customers love us by reading our reviews and testimonials.

Automatic Fuel Delivery

As an automatic fuel delivery customer, you will no longer have to worry about monitoring your oil tank’s fuel level. We monitor your account and, based upon your previous history and elapsed degree days, determine when we will need to make your next fuel delivery. It is our responsibility as a full service oil company to ensure that your fuel oil tank never runs out of oil. Rest assured this heating season that your oil tank will always have fuel!

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Will Call Delivery

Will call is best for customers who prefer to monitor their own oil usage, burn wood, or use alternative fuels. Please call us to schedule your next will call delivery.

Whether you choose our automatic delivery option or will call, you will always receive prompt service from Densmore, your local, full-service home comfort company.

Budget Plan with Price Cap Protection

Our “Most Predictable Payment with Price Cap Protection” Payment Plan

  • Monthly payments over the course of 11 months, beginning July 1st each year
  • Annual Price Cap protection
  • Protection from price spikes under the capped the maximum price you will pay for your fuel
  • Lowest daily price when price drops below established cap level
  • Designed to help create a worry-free way to price shop

Budget Plan

Our “Predictable Payment & Payback Payment” Plan

  • Monthly payments over the course of 11 months, beginning July 1st each year
  • Designed to help ease the burden of your heating utility bill by spreading payments out across the rest of the year
  • Credit of 1% interest (annualized) on your balance on the 5th of each month
  • Does not include Price Cap protection – subject to retail oil price fluctuation on day of delivery

Prompt Payment Plan

Our “Prompt Pay – Instant Reward” Payment Plan

  • Pay your bill within 10 days of your delivery and deduct 10¢ per gallon from your bill
  • Example: Jane fills her tank and the price that day is $3.50. To reduce her price per gallon 10¢, she wants to pay within 10 days, and she calculates her savings.
    • $3.50 – $0.10 = $3.40
    • Jane can send in a check or put it on her MasterCard, Visa, or Discover
    • Jane saves $15 on her delivery of 150 gallons

If you do not choose one of the above plans, full payment is due 30 calendar days from oil delivery.

Bioheat® Plus Fuel in CT

Heating Oil is Bioheat® Fuel at Densmore

What is Bioheat® Fuel?

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Military Discount for Home Heating Oil

Are you an active military member or a veteran? Please take advantage of our military discount, which is inspired by our owner’s and our founder’s time spent in the service.


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